Student Designer: Sonia Gupta of Unik Hart

by Caroline on August 19, 2009

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Sonia on 34th and 5th Ave:

Earrings: India, Gift
Similar: Forever 21, $4
Necklace: Forever 21, $11
Shirt: Urban Outfitters, $48
Watch: Movado, Gift from boyfriend (aww :D) generally $400
Bag: Zara, $50
Jeans: Hollister, $60
Shoes: Steve Madden, sale $20

Favorite brand?
from Urban Outfitters

Where are you from?
Long Island, NY

How would you describe your style?
I dress based on how I’m feeling most of the time. If I were to put it into a phrase, it’d be “comfy chic.” I’m always comfortable, mostly a t-shirt and jeans girl.

Summer plans?
Beach, business.

School, Year, Major:
NYU Stern
, Alumni ’09, Finance & Marketing

I had the pleasure of speaking to my fellow alumni Sonia the other day to discuss her booming accessories line, “Unik Hart” (a name that originates from “unique hair art”). She describes how she started, how it’s grown, and what we can expect from her for fall. Check out the interview below, visit the site, and pick out the ones you like [school is starting soon and these pieces go quickly!]. Street-Spotted readers get a special 5% off, weeeee! Note: To obtain this discount, you must choose the “message UNIKHART” option and write in “street-spotted” as the code.

How did you start Unik Hart?

Unik Hart came from a humble background and something that I wanted to do for fun. When I was figuring out my senior schedule, I decided I wanted to take it easy—few classes, no internships.
However, being a Sternie/workaholic [synonymous?], I was never one to have an empty schedule. Within a couple weeks of my very relaxed semester, I was going crazy and had to do something with all my free time. I saw people wearing the feather headbands and loved them, but I just didn’t feel like paying for one. Luckily, I actually know how to sew (my grandma was a seamstress), and decided to buy some materials to make a headband of my own. I wore it out one night and everywhere I went people were asking me where I got my headband from! When I told one woman that I made it myself she said she’d buy 5 of them if I would make more. I knew from then on that I was onto something with real potential.

SS Sonia Gupta Close

Close-Up on Sonia

One of my faves, $32

One of my faves, $32

How has Unik Hart grown since then? I know that you have website now,

I handed out a bunch of flyers around work while I was interning at WWD and had my first sale there. From there I designed complementary pieces for designer Jennifer Wierenga’s line at the NYU Fashion Business Association’s Spring 09 fashion show and, again, they sold like crazy [this was also where I discovered/became obsessed with Unik Hart ?]. After that, I realized it was time to scale.

How long does it take for you to make one headband?

On average about an hour, but every piece is unique. The materials I use for the hair bands are the highest quality—I import the feathers from abroad [international business, anyone?!]. So if it’s a piece that is made for children or has lace, I’ll need to sew it, which takes more time.

What was your inspiration for the upcoming fall line?

I use a lot of dark colors, beiges and grays—so there’s more of a vintage feel. The pieces were inspired by the darker, drab fall season, softly complemented with the intricate, jewel-tone feathers.
The hair bands aren’t just for students either—I have selections for children and brides. One thing that’s completely new about this season is that I’ve added jewelry! On the site, you’ll find necklaces, and eventually, much more. And, of course, I can always make custom bands for special occasions.

We definitely had a fun photoshoot :)

We definitely had a fun photoshoot :)


1 Jessica Jang August 19, 2009 at 12:54 am

Wow, that’s reaally pretty!!

2 Jane With a Cane August 19, 2009 at 7:59 am

Omg I am definitely going to buy some of her headbands!

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