NYU SPOTTED: Rockin’ Shades

by Caroline on August 27, 2009

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Valerie on West 4th and Mercer:

Shirt: Forever 21 [10% off graphic tees till 8/30!], $13
Leggings: I got them from Dubai and my mom got em so I don’t know how much they cost!
Similar: Urban Outfitters, $38
Bag: Nairobi Kenya, 150 Shillings soooo 4 bucks? [Actually about $2.05 according to the currency calculator :)]
Similar: Lulus, $23
Boots: Courtesy of Mama Prosper, It’s pretty sweet to have the same shoe size as your mom so you can steal her shoes. [Worrd.]
Similar: Forever 21, $27 or Urban Outfitters, $50

Where are you on your way to?
I had just come from the Bursar’s office and was taking a walk while waiting for my roommate  so we could go to church!

Favorite store/brand?
Petit Bateau
, or Zara, H&M too

Where are you from?
I am originally from Haiti

How would you describe your style?
My style is basically just a compilation of the places that I’m from and the places that I’ve been…I can’t say it’s really consistent on a daily basis. [“Compilation of places I’m from and places I’ve been…” Mm…I like that.]

What are your plans before school starts?
Just took time off from my internship before school so my plans are to relax, play with some kids [What kids?? And whose?? :P] and go to the beach!

School, Year, Major:
CAS, Junior, Politics/Pre-law

Why we spotted her:
Valerie rocked the optical-graphic tee + legging/pants so hard I simply had to ask her to stop. I couldn’t even tell if her leggings were leggings or Hotpants (that’s right, with a capital “H”) with the painted creases and all. Could’ve gone either way, I say. (BTW, I’ve been obsessed with these “denim leggings” lately. How can you lose with pull-on jeans?!? Check out Urban for more options). Quintessentially international, Valerie’s look is urban, edgy, and multifunctional. Outfits like this make me — dare I say — excited about back-to-school fun…

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1 Jessica Jang August 30, 2009 at 1:17 pm

Woww, LOVE the leggings!! I’ve been meaning to veer off boring black/gray leggings, but not too comfortable with the crazy prints they have out there. This would be perrrfect!!

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