New School SPOTTED: Mixed-Up Individual

by Emily on February 23, 2010

School, Year in School, Major:
Parsons, Sophomore, Fine Arts.

Where are you on your way to?
I’ve just come from painting class at Parsons and I’m on my way to NYU’s Bobst Library. I’m meeting up with friends to discuss an upcoming design project. I also need to pick up some books on the Russian art movement, Suprematism, while I’m there.

Favorite stores/brands?
Steven Alan, Built By Wendy, In God We Trust, Smith & Butler, Mociun and Bird in Brooklyn.

Where are you from?
I live in Brooklyn, but am originally from Connecticut.

How would you describe your style?
I like to mix high end with vintage and up and coming designers. Color, pattern and quality are essential. Comfort might even be my number one priority. If something is too trendy I take a pass; I want to wear my things for a long time. Individuality is huge for me: my clothing reflects my personality and I expect it to be functional for my lifestyle.

My friend Charlie and I are currently working on our own line, Colony. We’re taking the historical styles of the everyday working class and transforming them into a down-to-earth type of luxury.

Why we spotted her:
Kimi’s look is evidence of her totally unaffected disposition. Kimi isn’t striving to fit in with the majority of young women her age who view the term “trendy” as a compliment. Not only is it obvious that Kimi is one of a kind, but it’s also clear that she’s familiar with the motto “less is more.”

Bandana: A gift from DadJacket: Lauren Moffatt, $200, sample sale. Jeans: AG Angel Jeans, $175. Bag: Isabella Fiore at Otto Tootsi Plohound, $300, sale.

Kimi spotted at La Guardia Place and Washington Square Park South.
Photos by Peggy Nelling

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