Fashion Week 09 SPOTTED: Haleh Nematzadeh

by Caroline on September 10, 2009

Fashion Week is finally here. And thanks to the lovely Julia DiNardo over at FashionPulseDaily, I was given a chance to view my first-ever Fashion Week show. AHHH@#$@jfawsfwjeognHHH!!


From Haleh Nematzadeh's recent collection, photo by Rad Roubeni

The designer was Haleh Nematzadeh, who just started her collection in 2008, a couple years after she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Haleh launched her own line after successfully designing a collection for Patricia Field, and since then, her designs have been compared to brands Ashish and Jeremy Scott. To read more about Haleh, check out Coutorture’s exclusive interview.

I’ll be honest–I wasn’t expecting to love Haleh Nematzadeh’s collection. Her “sweet rock-and-roll plus high-fashion” designs seemed a bit too “rock-and-roll” and not quite “sweet” enough for my taste, especially with her generous use of fishnet tops from her “On The Fringe of My Spirit” collection.

When I went to the show, however, I was rocked off my socks. Haleh Nematzadeh shaved off just enough of that edge and softened the looks a bit without sacrificing any structure or pizzaz. Her creativity in the use of layers in both colors and fabrics gave the audience a whole new perspective on Haleh’s take on feminine fashion.

Oh, but those are just words. See for yourself:
HalehN2 HalehN3

Pretty, yes? To see more pictures, stayed tuned: I’ll be adding a link within the next few days to check out my guest post over at FashionPulseDaily. Make sure to give Julia some love!

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